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description: brief summary of basic methods & ideas for simplifying graphics in R with code in base R & ggplot.

original audience: biology undergraduate & graduate students

length of presentation: 15-20 minutes

number of slides: 13



description: brief history of art in science & overview of my own of art in research; plus overview of science of pigments & my own adventures in making colour from nature

original audience: middle school students

length of presentation: 20-30 minutes

number of slides: 27



description: overview of biological variation at 3 levels using Pacific shore crabs as an example: among species, within species, & within individuals; some origins of this diversity, importance in nature & to humans

original audience: volunteer community (citizen) scientists 

length of presentation: 15-20 minutes

number of slides: 36



description: overview of adaptation & evolution using White Sands lizard species as an example

original audience: elementary school students

length of presentation: 20-30 minutes

number of slides: 31


description: presentation summarizing the Nature Eco Evo paper with the same title

original audience: academics in ecology & evolutionary biology

length of presentation: 5-10 minutes

number of slides: 35


description: introductory lecture to microevolution, including natural selection, gene flow, & genetic drift

original audience: undergraduate students (science & non-science majors)

length of presentation: 60-70 minutes

number of slides: 100

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updated 11 November 2020