Figures from
Des Roches et al. 2020.
Socio-Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Cities. Evolutionary Applications.

Figure showing the relationship among humans, rats, and disease in the city.

Figures from
Des Roches et al. 2018.
The Ecological Importance of Intraspecific Variation.
Nature Ecology & Evolution

Figure showing how systemic racism & classism structure physical & biological environments in cities

Figures from
Schell et al. 2020.
The Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Systemic Racism in Urban Environments.

Figure showing relationships between sexual traits and preference with illustration of a bird

Re-illustration of Steven Arnold's Sexual Selection from
Sinervo. In Press.
Chapter 10: Mate Choice.
Behavioral Genetics to Evolution.

stickleback climate change evolution global change biology

Graphical abstract and figure from

Des Roches et al. 2020.

Climate-Driven Habitat Change Causes Evolution in Threespine Stickleback.

Global Change Biology

Figure showing different ways that urban trait divergence can occur with lizards as an example

Figures from
Lambert et al. 2021
Adaptive Evolution in Cities: Progress and Misconceptions
Trends in Ecology and Evolution

scientific figures

Figure showing examples of how variation within species can lead to nature's contributions to people
Graph showing relationship between contemporary and historical genetic heterozygosity

Figures from
Des Roches et al. 2021
Conserving Intraspecific Variation for Nature's Contributions to People
Nature Ecology & Evolution

Figure showing how restoration, preservation, management can prioritize intraspecific variation

Figures from
Stuble et al. 2021.
Regional Networks of Biological Field Stations to Study Climate Change