Illustrations & Figures in Print

Graphical abstract from

Des Roches et al. 2020.

Climate-Driven Habitat Change Causes Evolution in Threespine Stickleback.

Global Change Biology

Re-illustration of Steven Arnold's Sexual Selection from

Sinervo. In Press.

Chapter 10: Mate Choice.

Behavioral Genetics to Evolution.

Figures from

Schell et al. 2020.

The Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Systemic Racism in Urban Environments.


Figures from

Des Roches et al. 2018.

The Ecological Importance of Intraspecific Variation.

Nature Ecology & Evolution

Figures from

Des Roches et al. 2020.

Socio-Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Cities. Evolutionary Applications.

updated 11 November 2020