Simone Des Roches


illustrator, naturalist
evolutionary ecology, functional morphology, and ongoing natural selection
of lizards at white sands, new mexico

postdoctoral fellow: Rosenblum Lab
Berkeley Connect fellow

Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA 


PhD (May 2014), Rosenblum and Harmon Labs
Department of Biology
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA

BSc Honours (May 2007), Schluter and Shurin Labs
Department of Zoology
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

research questions:

I study the recent lizard colonists of White Sands, NM to answer the following:

What can recent colonization tell us about evolution and ecology?
Have the lizards in White Sands undergone ecological release?
Do parallel phenotypic shifts in the three lizard species have functional significance?
What is the form and direction of current selection on White Sands lizards?


When I was four years old I wanted to be a paleontologist. I remember asking my father what colour dinosaurs were. He replied ‘Well, Simone, no one knows, but someday you could discover that.’ 

My whole life, I maintained the idea that I could grow up and make discoveries about the natural world. I specialized in ecology for my BSc and my honour’s project focused on the influence of fish evolution on surrounding ecosystems. I started my PhD on ecological and evolutionary diversity in desert lizards. I now have a one-year postdoctoral position continuing my work on the White Sands lizards. I am partially funded through the Berkeley Connect program, where I am mentoring undergraduates at UC Berkeley.


about biological illustration 

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